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XRP Likely to Outperform Bitcoin There are 50x More in Circulation Than BTC

XRP Likely to Outperform Bitcoin, There are 50x More in Circulation Than BTC.

Bitcoin has been the King of cryptocurrency

since it started trading from a few dollars to now thousands of dollars. Experts who have done comprehensive forecast on the performance of all the digital assets believe Ripple XRP will be the future crypto king, outperforming Bitcoin. Craig Cole of CryptoMaps is one of the experts who believe that Ripple XRP will set the stage for cryptocurrency institutional adoption.

How Would XRP Out Perform Bitcoin

Ripple XRP acceptance by banks and other financial institutions will trigger off cryptocurrency institutional adoption. Ripple has brought in innovations into the financial industry via blockchain technology by helping financial institutions save money and maximize profit. The use of digital currency is on the rise and XRP is likely to be the base token for transfers and exchanges. If this happens, XRP will likely reach Bitcoin level or even surpass it.There Are More 50x More XRP in Circulation Than BTCXRP out numbers BTC in existence, like fifty times more than BTC. Though XRP is in drops and BTC in Satoshi, there will be more demand for XRP which will increase its value.

About 59 billion XRP is in escrow, excluding that, will be about twenty times more drops of XRP than Satoshi. These drops have the possibility of appreciating in value depending on the demand. Currently, XRP market performance has improved more than it was a couple of months ago. It has now gone up at 20% since the beginning of the year. The reported volume in the last twenty-four hours at the time of writing is $919m, trading over 22% at a current price of $0.30 and $0.34. XRP investors had been so discouraged by its performance a few months ago, even when BTC picked up, XRP price was still not encouraging. Now XRP is soaring high even at the time when other altcoins are struggling. The market performance is expected to get better, mostly now that Ripple has put some touch on all the features on its platform.

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